The success of Adult SEO Partners relies on our results and reputation. Because of this it has always been our highest priority to do whatever necessary to achieve real and lasting results for each and every one of our clients. We don’t bill by the hour or by the task, rather we put in the hours and work needed to produce the results you expect. Some campaigns require more time and resources than we’re initially compensated for, but the end result is successful results and happy clients which provide us the platform of success we’re proud of.

Following are a few examples of competitive Google keyword ranking growth that we were able to accomplish for our clients in the adult industry.

This website had been losing rankings steadily for 18 months before contacting us. We turned it around by correcting some major canonicalization problems as well as restructuring a major section of the website and targeting all pages properly for high traffic keywords.

Organic Ranking Results 1

This is a startup, a dating app, who contacted us pre-launch to help with their campaign. They continue to grow every month due to a creative internal linking system, a successful PR campaign and ongoing link building efforts.

Organic Ranking Results 6

This was a client who contacted us after being hit by a major penalty. They lost virtually all of their rankings and traffic after hiring a cheap SEO company who proceeded to blast their site with spammy links. We were able to get the penalty lifted by working to have the toxic links removed, by cleaning up some over-optimization issues and by running a new high quality link building and content marketing campaign.

Organic Ranking Results 8

And here are a few other charts showing real growth accomplished for more of our clients. We achieved these results using a variety of methods which were all unique to the individual websites. If your website is struggling to gain traction in search please reach out to us so we can chat about how we might be able to help.

Organic Ranking Results 7

Organic Ranking Results 5

Organic Ranking Results 3

Organic Ranking Results 4

Organic Ranking Results 2