Case Studies

Every adult website is different. Every website has a different history, has different levels of optimization, has different traffic sources, has a different body of competitors, has a different link profile and targets different keyword phrases. Because of this, a different approach needs to be considered for every single SEO campaign in order to assure results. We take the time to thoroughly research and plan every campaign strategy to make sure every client receives the return they’ve come to expect from us.

The following case studies illustrate the different strategies we’ve used to achieve results. Please note, we respect the confidentiality of all of our clients, sign NDA’s with all of them and because of this are unable to provide site names, target keywords or traffic/revenue numbers.

Ranked Official Paysites Above All Affiliates & Tubes

We worked with a large paysite program on a three month campaign aimed at ranking their paysites above all affiliates. Like many paysite programs, they were being outranked by affiliates using domains that infringed on their site names. They were also being outranked by tubes that offered their content to surfers for free.

We approached this campaign from two angles. The first was to optimize all of their tour pages to emulate the kind of sites Google prefers to rank these days. The second was to build high quality links to push more page value into their many tour pages. This required the program to build many additional tour pages, to implement an internal linking strategy not common with paysites, to place more emphasis on their site name without over-optimizing for it and required them to create a monthly link budget necessary to acquire page value greater than their affiliates.


We successfully earned #1 rankings for their paysite names within 3 months. The company also saw increased revenue through the improved conversions made possible by the additional tour pages. They also received the value that came from securing their brand names, by reducing the sales they had to pay for through affiliates targeting their brands and by attracting visitors to their tour pages before they could find the content for free on tubes. We continue to work with this program on all new sites they launch.

Ranked Most Profitable Pages First

We started working with a large adult video on demand site with an overall goal of improving their exposure in search. They wanted to prioritize their rankings of big popular keywords targeted by all VOD’s. We learned through our conversations with them, however, that due to their content licensing they earned the most revenue through their studio pages. So we needed to find a way to get them into the top 10 for both big general keywords as well as many individual studio keywords.

Like most campaigns, we approached this one from different angles. We decided to put all of our time and effort into ranking their studio pages first since this is where they profited most. Our internal goal is to always produce an ROI for clients as quickly as possible. So we did the thorough keyword research necessary to find the studio keywords with the most traffic as well as the least competition. Most other VOD’s simply target the basic studio names, but these are not what surfers search for most. We then optimized all pages and setup a new internal linking strategy to funnel new page value into their top studios.


We earned top 10 rankings for nearly all of this sites top studios within four months. The additional revenue from these rankings created a near immediate ROI for this client. We also brought them top 10 exposure from the big keywords by starting an AdWords campaign that put them on the map while we worked to earn exposure for these keywords organically.

Retargeted Keywords Google Had Turned Mainstream

We worked with a client who earned his living for years through the sales of one single paysite. He had always been a leader in his niche until Google “cleaned” the search results of of his target keywords of adult sites. Google has been converting many adult keywords to mainstream for a long time now, in an effort to prevent unintentional discovery of adult content. The problem for our client is that he lost all of his traffic overnight and could not find any similar keywords that matched his niche that he could retarget for.

This campaign was difficult because we had to do extensive keyword research to discover new keywords that targeted surfers who were interested in his niche, but without using the niche name itself. Think of it in terms of “solo girls”. This is an industry term that we use, it’s not a term that surfers use. To run a successful SEO campaign a solo girl site has to target keywords that mean the same thing, keywords that surfers use when they intend to find sologirls.


We found a collection of alternative keywords and targeted all of his pages appropriately for each. And because his site already had a lot of domain and page value through the many links he had acquired throughout the years, he began ranking well for his new keywords within one month.

Improved Rankings By Restructuring Translated Pages

A very large site in the industry was referred to us for an SEO audit and review of their entire site. They just wanted to get an idea of how they might improve upon their already great exposure. Large established sites typically have more opportunity for improvement since even minor modifications can result in revenue gains. This particular site, however, was essentially in great shape from top to bottom. After two weeks of combing through many sections of their site, comprised of hundreds of thousands of pages, we found something. They had around 25 translated versions of their site, all hosted on unique TLDs. And they were actively trying to rank all of these sites, individually.

The problem with their system of hosting all translations on separate domains is that they isolated each one from the value of their parent site. This means each domain had to rank on its own merit and also meant that their staff was thinning their time and resources in the effort. We recommended they merge all of their translations into subdirectories of their parent site and redirect their TLD’s appropriately to maintain all rankings and traffic they had earned up to that point. By doing this, each translation was given instant page value from the parent site and the parent site was further strengthened by the addition of the new content and all of the new links that used to point to individual domains.


The rankings and traffic of their translated pages improved as did the overall rankings of the parent site. Plus, the company was able to use their staffs new time more efficiently.